Message from Jonah

By Pastor Kathy Nunn

I. Historical Background

     A. Jonah a prophet to the Northern Kingdom of Israel during the reign of Jeroboam II (788-772 BC)
          1. Jonah means “dove”; his father’s name meant “my truth”
          2. God sent him to Nineveh to preach repentance

     B. Nineveh, the Assyrian capitol
          1. Located on eastern bank of Tigris R. east of Mosul
          2. Built by Nimrod; location of Tower of Babel
          3. Large city, center of trade, 30 + miles across
          4. Center of worship of Ishtar
          5. Violent, war-like people-took pride in causing fear

II. Jonah’s Disobedience – Jonah Chapter 1

     A. God asks hard things of us to test and teach
     B. Jonah doesn’t pray; jumps and runs away from God
     C. Jonah’s plan was to go as far west as he could; to Tarshish where there are silver and gold mines
     D. God brings an obstacle; a violent storm
     E. When God deals with us, it effects others
     F. Jonah was hiding and doing nothing
     G. Jonah is not honest and suffers consequences; the big fish

III. God’s Actions – Jonah 1:14-17; 2:1-3

     A. Hears and answers unbelievers prayers – they are changed
     B. God saves and protects Jonah – miraculously
     C. God still answers Jonah’s prayers
     D. God planned trouble to deal with disobedience and character flaws

IV. Our Response – Jonah Chapter 2

     A. Cry out to God – DON’T GIVE UP!
     B. Don’t commit and not do
     C. Be faithful in small things
     D. No matter what – TRUST GOD!
     E. PRAISE HIM!!

V. God Has Compassion – Jonah Chapter 3

     A. God needs a voice – He had prepared the hearts of the Ninevites.
     B. God has compassion – Why?? 2 Peter 3:9b
     C. God relents – “regrets; grieves; is sorry”

VI. We Need the Compassion of God

     A. Be a fool for God
     B. Don’t be afraid of what others think or how you look
     C. Get rid of anger – roots of disappointment; injustice; pride; bitterness
     D. Be thankful
     E. Accept the bad as testing or trial; patience, endurance, hope, no shame

VII. Don’t Have Compassion Only for What Affects You

     A. Compassion without selfishness
     B. Compassion without personal benefit
     C. Compassion as God directs – IT IS FOR HIM! (Colossians 3:12-14)

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