About K. Nunn

I’m a pastor and teacher at Immersion Ministries in Denver, Colorado.  I have a great concern for the Word of God that it will be accurately understood and retain its power to change lives.  I am also concerned for the body of Christ, that we are often silent as the world around us becomes more and more confusing.  My hope is that sincere Christians will continue to search the Word for understanding and be willing to be “trumpets of truth” to the world.  My hope is to challenge you to study the Word, to be prepared to take on controversial issues, be open to other points of view on Christian living, and with the help of the Holy Spirit pursue the issues through the scriptures until you come to the truth of the issue.  I would like to encourage comments and opposing opinions as this should foster more diligent study of the scriptures.  Please let’s keep it friendly……as loving brothers and sisters!

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